Blackcelica's RACESUITS one stop shop COLLECTION

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Blackcelica's RACESUITS one stop shop COLLECTION

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A MASSIVE COLLECTION OF 38 different suits 60+ with colour options etc all updated to work with AC v1.1
This is a back catalogue of all my suits released so far plus some extras that never got released. I want to get it all out there to share and make it available to the gamers that have just joined us that want a few extra suit options. It's obvious by the suit names as to what car they are most suited for but you can mix and match or do whatever. This is a collection of about a years work and quality varies a little. Some of my early stuff is a bit shody and I've updated a few things as not to make myself look dodgy. I hope everyone that downloads finds something they like even if its just one suit, this is the line in the sand and the end of an era. This includes my McLaren P1 suit as a trailer for all my future work still in my head ready for construction over this next year. Enjoy.

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